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What is window film?

Our professional window film is an easy fit glass treatment, the cost effective solution for converting plain glass without the disruption and expense of replacement glass.

Can window film make glass safe?

Safety glass window film can upgrade ordinary glass to safety standards in case of accidents in the home or workplace. It is also available in a combination solar protection and safety film.

How does window film offer glass solar protection?

Solar protection films will reject excessive solar heat by up to 75% and glare by 95% as well as 99% harmful Ultraviolet Rays (UV).

Is your window film the same as sold on Ebay?

Cheap glass coating window film sold on Ebay will not last as long or look the same as our window film. We have been established over 22 years and stand by our long guarantee of quality assurance even when fitted DIY. We are also here to help whenever required.

Can I buy window film in a high street DIY Store?

No, professional commercial high grade window film is not available through diy stores. All our window film is designed for long life and is easy to fit, it cannot be compared to ‘sticky backed plastic type film – that has to be positioned correctly first time and has a maximum of only 12 month guarantee! SEE OUR Guarantee below!

What Guarantee do you offer on your films?

We now offer a guarantee of 5 to 16 years subject to the film type chosen and where it is being fitted.

How long does window film last for?

Depending which film you choose and where it’s being fitted, all our window films have a life expectancy between 6 and 23 years.

How easy is window film to fit DIY?

Why not watch our 3 minute 14 second VIDEO GUIDE (linked to on the homepage of the site) It has one of our Fitters showing you the complete procedure, from cleaning the glass, to fitting the film - including what tools you need. The film being fitted is a frost privacy film, but the technique for all window film is the same. All orders will receive a fitting guide, a free fitting squeegee (as used in the video) and a free practice piece of film.

Do you offer Supply & Fitting Service

Yes, throughout the UK, just complete our Supply & Fitting Quote form.

Do you have Window Film Fitters in the London and Kent Area

Yes, we have a Southern Based Team dedicated to London, Kent and the South of England.