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Solar Protection Medium Silver Reflective Window Film

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A Medium grade silver solar protection film with a daylight hour's partial one way mirror privacy.
For full one way Mirror see our Strong Grade!

No other company will beat our price for pre-cut high quality solar protection film with a 10 year guarantee.
Reduce solar heat gain by 58% and glare by 60%.
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Very popular where solar heat gain and glare is a problem, but with less reflection than our strong or mirror grade films. Once fitted it looks like state of the art solar glass with the clarity of the view is not altered in any way apart from a tint appearance with a hint of blue that can enhance the sky on a dull day.

It will save energy costs where air conditioning is in use. A very popular film used in commercial and domestic properties including conservatories, sunrooms, and office or classroom windows. This film will offer reduced one way privacy wherever the light is greater. For example, if fitted to an all external glazing on a room you will be able to see out but there will be a restricted view inwards. The partial mirror is created wherever the light is greater. During daylight hours the mirror is on the external face so you can see out, at night if the lights are on people will see in! - Why have a room with a view but you have to close the blinds when the sun is shining!

This Internal Film will also offer the following benefits:

Glare Reduction: 60%
Solar Heat Gain Reduction: 58%
Harmful UV Reduction: 99% (Will double the normal fading life of furnishings)

This solar protection film is guaranteed for 10 years when applied internally to the smooth surface of your glazing.

Because professionally fitted window film should always be trimmed during fitting, when measuring your panes for our pre-cut to size service, there is no need to allow extra for trimming as we always supply slightly oversized free of charge. All orders are pre-cut from a master roll which ensures high quality inspection of the film surface. Pre-cut orders cannot be returned or cancelled once the order has been cut. All panes larger than 1524 x 1524 mm will be supplied in 2 pieces due to the maximum roll width of 1524 mm. This is a standard fitting method within our industry. We will contact you for your choice of size preference for each piece for larger panes. Please ensure that the film is fitted within 14 days of delivery.

Easily fitted DIY in minutes! Why not watch our 3 Minute Video on our home page of film being fitted, the technique is the same for all films!