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Vinyl Grey Frost Window Film

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This grey glass coating will improve the appearance of plain glazing offering a modern grey frosted etched effect finish. It can be removed and discarded, when not required, without damaging the original glass
Purchase by the half linear metre on a 1220 mm wide roll with 40% Off
Or we will Pre- Cut FREE of charge, just email your pane sizes after placing your order and we will supply slightly oversized ready for trimming!

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It offers the same privacy as etched frosted glass but with a slight sparkling modern effect.

The lady who is holding the white frosted film is standing very close to the glass. As a guide to the amount of privacy offered, you cannot see the shape of a finger nail that is 10mm away from the film. As with patterned glass, if you hold your hand very close you will also see it!

See how easy it is to fit on our video above, only 3 mins & 14 seconds long. The video will show you the complete fitting technique which is the same for all films!

All orders are pre-cut from a master roll which ensures high quality inspection of the film surface. Pre-cut orders cannot be returned or cancelled once the order has been cut.